Elementary Hebrew Grammar, 121

Elementary Hebrew Grammar, 121

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Instructor: R. V. McCabe, Th.D. Fall Semester

Course Outline 2010

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A study of the essential elements of biblical Hebrew grammar (chapters 1–20 in Ross’s text). The intent of this course is to focus on the basic principles of Hebrew phonology, morphology, syntax, and vocabulary.


In Elementary Hebrew Grammar the student

1. should become conversant with Hebrew phonology;

2. should become acquainted with the fundamental principles of Hebrew morphology;

3. will be introduced to Hebrew syntax; and

4. will memorize a foundational core of Hebrew vocabulary.


1. Tests: There will be four major tests. The first exam is on Wednesday, Sept 29 (covering lessons 1–5), the second on Wednesday, Oct 27 (lessons 6–11), the third on Wednesday, Nov 17 (lessons 12–16), and the final on Wednesday, Dec 15 (lessons 17–20)—60% of grade.

2. Daily quizzes: The student will take approximately 22 quizzes. When a lesson is completed, a quiz will be given to conclude that lesson. With the exception of the first lesson, there will be one quiz per lesson. Each quiz will be potentially cumulative and will primarily focus on the grammatical and vocabulary items covered in the completed lesson. After the first few quizzes, every quiz will have anywhere from 5 or more vocabulary words taken from that lesson, with at the very minimum one vocabulary word taken from an earlier lesson. The quiz will be administered during the first 15 minutes of each class—20% of grade.

3. Homework:

a. Checked homework. The completion of each assignment will be checked in class on a specified sheet with the student’s name and a list of each of assignment. Next to each assignment will be three boxes. The first box will be labeled “yes,” the next box “half,” and the final box “no.” The student will check whichever box accurately reflects how much of the work he actually did. The student receives an automatic 98% grade for this phase of his homework grade. For every no response that he places on his homework record sheet, he will loose 2% from his 98% grade; and for every half response, he will loose 1% from his 98% grade—10% of grade.

b. Graded homework. The student’s homework may be collected and graded after the homework has been orally covered in class—10% of grade.


Ross, Allen P. Introducing Biblical Hebrew. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2001.