Hebrew Exegesis of Job

Hebrew Exegesis of Job, 9152

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Instructor: R. V. McCabe, Th.D. Fall Semester

Course Outline 2010

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An exegetical analysis of selected portions of the book of Job in its historical and cultural milieu. While examining the introductory issues, the primary objective of this course is to use an exegetical approach to trace the development of the message of Job.


With this exegetical approach to the book of Job, the student should

1. become acquainted with the key introductory issues in this book;

2. be prepared to read at sight the assigned sections from Job;

3. gain proficiency in translating Hebrew poetic literature;

4. become conversant with some of the exegetical and theological issues in Job;

5. acquire an appreciation for the content in this book;

6. become more precise at identifying grammatical and syntactical forms;

7. become more familiar with the important tools for doing Hebrew exegesis; and

8. gain greater precision in doing independent research.


1. Tests: The mid-term will cover material in syllabus up through 38:11 and the final exam will cover the remainder of the syllabus. The mid-term will be given on October 21 and the final exam on December 16???30% (ThM)/45% (MDiv) of grade.

2. Daily Quizzes: Each student will take a daily quiz over the assigned section in Job???20% of grade.

3. Critical Book Review: Each ThM student will a three to four-page critical book review on one of Clines??? first two volumes on Job. The critique is due on November 18???15% of grade.

4. Term Paper: Each student will write a five to seven-page, single spaced, term paper. This paper is due on December 9???25% of grade.

5. Reading Assignment: Each ThM student is to read 600 pages and MDiv student 400 pages from the required and recommended items in the bibliography. This is due on December 16???5% of grade.

6. Translation Notebook: Each student is required to keep a notebook of his translation for the book of Job. This is due on December 16???5% of grade.


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