Elementary Hebrew Grammar, 122

Elementary Hebrew Grammar, 122

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Instructor: R. V. McCabe, Th.D. Spring Semester

Course Outline 2011

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A continuation of the study of biblical Hebrew grammar (chapters 21???40 in Ross???s text). This course reinforces and expands on the elements of biblical Hebrew grammar, which were covered in first semester Elementary Hebrew Grammar, 121. In this course emphasis is also placed on reading selected portions of the Hebrew Bible.

In the second semester of elementary Hebrew grammar the student will
1. expand his development in Hebrew phonology,
2. continue a focus on Hebrew morphology,
3. enhance his awareness of Hebrew syntax,
4. memorize a foundation core of Hebrew vocabulary,
5. learn how to the use of a Hebrew lexicon, and
6. begin reading the Hebrew Bible.

1. Tests: There will be four major tests. The first exam covers Ross???s lessons 21???25, the second lessons 26???31, the third 32???35 and the fourth 36???40???60% of grade.
2. Daily quizzes: The student will take approximately 20 quizzes over each of Ross???s lessons???20% of grade.
3. Homework:
a. Checked homework. The completion of each assignment in Ross will be checked in class on a specified sheet with the student???s name and a list of each of assignment???10% of grade.
b. Graded homework. The student???s homework may be collected and graded after the homework has been orally covered in class???10% of grade.

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2. Elliger, K. and W. Rudolph. Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelstiftung, 1976.
3. Ross, Allen P. Introducing Biblical Hebrew. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2001.