The Inception of a New School Year


Between academic and domestics issues, I had a furious summer. Though life will not slow down this coming school year, I look forward to the challenges and rewarding year at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. The fall semester started on Monday evening, August 22, with our convocation dinner. The following day, we had orientation for new students and on Thursday, August 25, classes began.

This fall marks DBTS’s thirty-sixth year of operation and it starts my twenty-ninth year of ministry at the seminary. This year will mark another heavy year of academic work.

This fall I am teaching three classes and am involved in leading a seminar: Pentateuch, Hebrew Syntax & Reading, Hebrew Exegesis of Micah, and a seminar on Ecclesiastes. I have uploaded to my website the course requirements for each of these classes. If you still need the course requirements, or just want to see what these classes look like, you may get a concise overview for each class and then download the complete set of requirements by clicking any of the following links.


Hebrew Syntax & Reading

Hebrew Exegesis of Micah

Ecclesiastes Seminar

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  1. C Watson says

    How different are the requirements going to be from what you have here on Ecclesiastes to your upcoming PhD course at Central on it? I'm considering taking it (we had so much fun last time in Creation class – I'm writing a paper for an upcoming research seminar on the topic of Creation and hermeneutics – the problem of presuppositions).

  2. Joseph C says

    Sounds like a full lineup. I would be interested in seeing some of the better reviews in the Ecc seminar if you would be willing to have some of the guys guest post their reviews.

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